H&H Single Skin Steel Offices

Key Features

partition officesRobust & Durable
Quick & Easy Construction
Wide Range of Applications
Standard & Non Standard Width and Height Options
Flexible Formats – All Solid, Solid/Glass, Solid/Mesh, All Mesh
Ceiling Solutions
Comprehensive Door Options
Powder Coated or Galvanised

The H&H Single Skin Steel Office is an integrated single skin steel partition system suitable for a wide range of applications, including offices, storage areas, factory dividing walls and mesh roofs.

The systems is quick and easy to construct and has a comprehensive range of single, double and sliding doors available, these can be fitted with most types of locks and latches, including interlocks. The panels are fitted with laminated safety glass during the manufacturing process, ensuring an exact fit and saving installation time.

The panels are bolted to the floor which means it has the added benefit of being de-mountable and relocated with a minimum of effort. The standard range comes with a wide variety of width options; however standard configurations do not always fit into required spaces. Therefore the non-standard or bespoke design is always an option. The office is also available in various vertical configurations – all solid, solid/glass, solid/mesh, and all mesh.

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